Devised and hosted by Jeremy Goldstein
Verse by Henry Woolf
Directed by Jen Heyes
Photography by Sarah Hickson
Banner design by Ed Hall
Music by David Bowie recorded by Sven Ratzke

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‘The revolutionary potential of theatre at its best and most direct’


'Truth to Power Cafe' is a new international performance event mixing memoir, image, poetry, music and live and spontaneous testimony from participants speaking truth to power.

Participants of all ages, beliefs and backgrounds, can take part in the event which this year has been presented in Australia, UK (Doncaster and Bradford), Croatia, and The Netherlands.

Speaking truth to power has its origins in the anti-war movement and is a non-violent means of conflict resolution. But in our era of post-truth, alternative fact, and fake-news, is widely accepted to mean saying something to those in authority or position of trust who don't want to hear it.  Is it to your parents, a sibling, politician, lover, landlord, neighbour, religious leader, boss, banker, carer, trainer, or simply your best friend?  It's time to tell them the truth before it's too late.

’Truth to Power Cafe’ is inspired by the political and philosophical beliefs of Nobel Prize winning playwright Harold Pinter and his Hackney Gang.



Based on a play by Mick Goldstein
Adapted and arranged by Jeremy Goldstein
Verse by Henry Woolf
Directed by Jen Heyes

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It’s 1975. 20 years on from Harold Pinter's one and only novel ‘The Dwarfs’ and his Hackney Gang. Harold is a world-renowned playwright at the peak of his fame, and his best friend Mick is down and out on his luck in Melbourne with two young kids and Aussie wife Bev.

A local production of ‘The Dwarfs’ forces Mick to face his past and younger self, during which he confronts Harold. All the while their closest friend Henry appears as an intrepid time traveller from the Promised Land, and guides them towards the gates of that other place.

‘Spider Love’ shifts between time and space, the power of family and friendship and the lengths we go to preserve it.

‘Spider Love’ has been developed through workshop readings at Brisbane Powerhouse Australia, Barbican Centre and Arcola Theatre London funded by Arts Council England.

A work-in-progress reading with Henry Woolf in conversation with Pinter’s biographer and Guardian critic Michael Billington was presented at British Library Theatre on Monday 16th October.

'Spider Love' is a new play inspired by the political and philosophical beliefs of Nobel Prize winning playwright Harold Pinter and his Hackney Gang.



Created by Penny Arcade and Steve Zehentner

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"It's a revelation that calls for a revolution" Adelaide Advertiser

"A unique voice capturing the zeitgeist of a cultural genocide"

"Vital, dangerous, hilarious and a wake up call" Attitude

'Longing Lasts Longer' is Edinburgh’s double award winning show and global smash hit from New York’s undisputed queen of the underground.

Penny Arcade turns contemporary stand-up on its head to create a crack in the post-gentrified landscape.  Driven by her magnetic rock n’ roll energy, Arcade’s razor sharp satire is mixed live to euphoric soundscapes inspired by four decades of pop culture.

A blow against the golden age of stupidity, 'Longing Lasts Longer' is a passionate and exuberant performance anthem where you can think, laugh and dance at the same time!

Since our world premiere at Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2016, 'Longing Lasts Longer' has clocked up nearly 200 performances in venues all over the world including St Ann's Warehouse New York, Abbey Theatre Dublin, CAP Los Angeles, Arts Centre Melbourne,  and Araluen Arts Centre Alice Springs. 

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