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Photo by Darren Black (Jeremy Goldstein)

Photo by Darren Black (Jeremy Goldstein)





Lyn Gardner, Guardian December 2016


100 brave and honest participants of all ages and backgrounds have 5 minutes each to explore power and responsibility in their daily lives by responding to the question ‘WHO HAS POWER OVER YOU AND WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SAY TO THEM?’ before a live audience.

Speaking truth to power has its origins in anti-war pacifism, and these days it is widely accepted to mean saying something to those in authority or position of trust who don’t want to hear.  Is it to your parents, a sibling,  politician, lover, landlord, neighbour, religious leader, boss, banker or simply your best friend?  It’s time to tell them the truth before it’s too late.

For dates and how you can take part please write to Jeremy Goldstein

In association with Index on Censorship, Run- Riot, and The Harold Pinter Archive at The British Library.

‘The Truth to Power Café 2017/18’ launches a series of international contemporary events reflecting on Harold Pinter’s Hackney Gang.  Henry Woolf who at 87 was in the Hackney Gang, describes them ‘as a bunch of determined solipsists’ who took on the bullies and fought with fascists and in 2017/18 the Café will do the same.  

The series will culminate with the world-premiere of a new play 'Spider Love' by Mick Goldstein, adapted and arranged by Jeremy Goldstein and with verse by Henry Woolf.

Photo Darren Black (Henry Woolf and Jeremy Goldstein)

Photo Darren Black (Henry Woolf and Jeremy Goldstein)







"You’ve got to slide between the living and the dead,
You’ve got to open up the
window in your head,
You’ve got to take the
world and shake it,
Crush it and remake it,
You’ve got to open up
the window in your head,
With love man, with love"

‘Spider Love' has been developed in collaboration with Harold Pinter Archive at British Library and workshopped with director Jen Heyes at Brisbane Powerhouse Australia, Barbican Centre and Arcola Theatre London as part of an R&D funded by Arts Council England.



Penny Arcade is a force of nature. Driven by her magnetic rock’n’roll energy, she strikes a blow against the golden age of stupidity, turning contemporary stand-up on its head to create a crack in the post gentrified landscape.

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